Sunday, 16 November 2014

Concorde "speed of sound"

At the speed of sound, the Concorde is the only passenger plane that can fly that fast. It can only hold up to about 100 people!! That's very little. The airline that was famous because of the Concorde was Air France (the airline that i want to fly for). But sadly the Concorde was discontinued because of the Air France flight crashed 7 minutes after  take-off. Once that crash happened that was the last flightof Concorde. When the Air Fance Cocorde took-off there was fire on the left side. The control tower warned the pilots but it was to late and they had to continue their journey.
                  TAUFIK JOHAN HENRIKSEN

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Airbus - A380 "Titanic in the Sky"

AIRBUS, has made the biggest productional airplane in the world, the Airbus-A380. It can hold more than 500 people. The first airline to get its A380 is Singapore Airlines, I think that Singapore Airlines paid a lot to get the first A380 ever!

The airline company to have the most A380s is Emirates. They have 52 productional A380s. And they (Emirates) have ordered 30 more A380s. The only A380 to have something go wrong with it is QANTAS flight 32. Engine 3 (on the right) exploded over the island Bali. People thought a Qantas plane had crashed. It only occurred on the 23rd March 2014.

                 TAUFIK  JOHAN HENRIKSEN